Set of stimuli

Object-and-Action: A normative set of pictures

The stimuli database “Object and Action” contains pairs of pictures: objects (51 images) and actions with these objects (51 images). The main feature of the new database, in comparison with other databases, is that it contains pairs of pictures that allow participants to name objects from object-only images and from images of an action together with an object. Similarly, it allows participants to name actions from action images and from object-only images (images of the instruments used to perform the actions). Stimuli are balanced for orientation and size of the objects within the pairs and were normed in Russian language for parameters of name agreement. Also information on age of acquisition, imageability and length of the words from the study of Akinina et al. (2014, 2015) is provided. These images can be used for linguistics and psychological studies as well as for clinical work with aphasic patients and children.

We thank the artist Evgeniy Korol'kov (http://vk.com/black_griffel) for his glourious pictures.

This study was supported by The National Research University Higher School of Economics’ Academic Fund Program in 2014–2015 (Research Grant No. 14-01-0051).

The stimuli set is freely distributed for research purposes.


Please acknowledge the use of this picture set and/or the norming statistics by citing the paper:

Vlasova, R.M. (2016). A normative set of “Object-and-Action” pictures. The Russian Journal of Cognitive Science, 3(1—2), 34—53.

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